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Kate Spade Spring 2012

Kate Spade Spring 2012

Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 presentation was held Tuesday afternoon.

The presentation space (on 26th Street, just beneath their offices) was beautifully laid out: Not row after row of benches, like most shows, but a mix of fabric-covered ottomans and plastic chairs in a half-circle around the stage. It felt intimate.

After the lights dimmed and guests took their seats, creative director Deborah Lloyd gave a short speech outlining the inspiration for the collection, namely Wimbledon, which she attended for the first time this year, and Australian artist Florence Broadhurst.

Models, hair swept back into thick ponytails and sporting bright makeup, walked out in sets of six. Lloyd described each item in turn, pointing out clever or humorous details we might have missed: a clutch shaped like a steamboat, a green dress patterned with tennis balls rather than polka dots (two personal favorites).

I loved, too, an octagonal print that showed up in a skirt, blouse, necklace and pair of pointed heels, a polka dot tent dress with an extended collar, bags that urged you to “play hooky” or “eat cake for breakfast” — charming, witty and bold, the best of the Kate Spade brand.

My colleague Christina Warren remarked at the end of the presentation that the collection brought to life the Barbie closet she dreamed of when she was a little girl. I laughed.

Photos and text by Lauren Indvik

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